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About Mt. Moriah Baptist Church

Here at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, we seek to serve the One True God through ministry, missions, and fellowship.  All people are welcome to worship with us, experiencing the Holy Spirit through music and Bible teaching and preaching.  We believe that God loves people, and we are here to spread the Gospel in such a way that sinners come to repentance, the broken are restored, and the saints are revived.

When you come to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, we hope that you feel a strong sense of family, since that is what we are, the family of God.  We pray together, we worship together, she share each other's burdens, we celebrate each other's victories, and we do all of these things to glorify our Father, God in Heaven.

Our Vision

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is working to reach the lost in our community through simple, clear, Christ-centered preaching and teaching.  We want to grow our fellowship through outreach programs, community ministry projects, and youth engagement because we have faith to believe that nothing is too big for God.

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